Aston Martin DB11 Drive

The Aston Martin DB11. This is a car that has presence. It is indeed a thing of beauty and it’s the car that is taking Aston Martin into its second century of luxury sport motor cars. Here’s your chance to drive an Aston DB11 around a high speed track and get a feel for what superlative GT motoring is all about.

The DB11 marks a completely new departure for Aston. Gone is the V8 and in is a twin-turbo 5.2l V12 engine the interior has had a complete overhaul compared to it’s predecessor the DB9 and the exterior? Well take one look and you’ll see the DB11 is a very different Aston. It has more of a European flair to it with edgier lines air strakes everywhere and a very distinctive new rear end.

This car is most definitely a GT. Yes there are two rear seats but realistically you won’t ever find humans in them it’s the place where you fling your overnight bag as you head off for a weekend in the South of France. Same with the boot you won’t get much more than a set of golf clubs in there.

In fact rather than trying to race the DB11 around the track on these driving experiences you might actually want to just enjoy the sheer serenity of it all. Cocooned inside this sheer masterpiece of modern Grand Tourer automotive engineering it makes you want to slip on the Ray Bans turn up the radio and just… c r u i s e.

But of course curiosity is sure to get the better of you whilst you’re driving the all-new DB11. After all that’s 600bhp you have under the bonnet capable of 0-60mph in just over three seconds. And what a refined engine it is. No turbo lag and the eight-speed paddle shift gearbox is very smooth ensuring the DB11 shows a delightful turn of pace when called upon as you’ll find out when you put your foot down.

As for the ride it’s as unruffled and undisturbed as you’d hope. There is adaptive damper control which gives you the option of driving the DB11 in GT S or S+ mode but none of them will get your bones shaking that’s just not the idea of this most cultivated of Aston Martins.

We love the Aston Martin DB11 and the chance to drive this very complete and rounded car is an utter privilege. And (unless you have a spare £150 000 to buy one) it’s a shame that you have to give it back after your driving experience!

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Aston Martin DB11 Drive
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