Aston Martin Drive

Get revved up with this special Aston Martin drive mission! The V8 Vantage is so good even 007 is back behind the wheel of this great British supercar – so why not take one for a spin yourself around the tarmac circuits at Staffordshire Wigan York or Anglesey?

The Vantage is frequently described as like sitting in a five-star hotel that is capable of reaching almost 200mph. The luxury and power of this gleaming V8 model is unrivalled and the sheer driveability of this car has to be experienced to be believed. Don’t worry though a ‘licence to kill’ isn’t required for this particular drive in an Aston Martin  – a normal DVLA one will suffice.

Your driving package includes a welcome introduction and briefing in the car. You’ll then have time to enjoy driving the V8 Vantage for several laps of the tarmac circuit teasing the best out of this elegant sophisticated sports car. With straights sweeping curves and tight corners you’ll need every ounce of nerve and ability to guide the Aston Martin Grand Tourer on these challenging drives and it will open your eyes to appreciating even more the skill and dedication that designed and created this British motoring masterpiece.

After driving your Aston Martin to the max you’ll be debriefed and given a personal driver analysis from your instructor. All automobile experiences end with the presentation of an individualised certificate as a memento of your day. This exquisite Aston Martin drive offers the chance to get into the driving seat of one of Britain’s most iconic sports cars on a real life racing circuit and guarantees high-powered thrills for anyone who takes part.

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Aston Martin Drive
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