Aston Martin On Road Adventure

Miles and miles of open road a full tank of petrol your driving buddy and a convoy of four gorgeous cars – that’s what this very special Aston Martin driving day is all about! Leave the realms of the enclosed track circuits with cones and braking points behind for a ‘wind in the hair’ experience driving on the public roads on this very luxurious and comprehensive package.

We love the way this drive out is organised with all the hallmarks of a very glamorous mission. As you arrive at the north London hotel the four gleaming Aston Martins that are the stars of this driving day will be sitting ready. A very civilised briefing takes place inside over a leisurely breakfast where you’ll meet your fellow participants and the team leading the whole event.

Once in pairs you’ll be handed your first waypoint notes. This isn’t just a jolly road trip in a fancy car you’ve got your work cut out for you as you unravel the clues in a automotive treasure hunt that’ll take you and your merry band of Aston Martins for a day of driving all over the Home Counties.

The whole day gives you a total of over 150 miles of driving in these wonderful Aston Martin vehicles and at each check point you will pick up your next clue and swap cars and driver so everyone gets to try out all four cars throughout the course of this most ‘gentlemanly’ of motorised excursions.

During the morning you will cover around 75 miles of the pre-planned route before stopping off at a delightful country pub for lunch. A chance to chat to your driving day companions and maybe discuss the merits of each Aston Martin you’ve tried so far. Will your favourite be James Bond’s DBS V12 the GT styled DB7 Vantage Volante the limited edition N400 convertible (released to celebrate the marques racing success at the Nurburgring) or the sheer powerhouse that is the Vanquish the biggest of the modern Aston family?

If you haven’t yet decided on your favourite there’s the whole afternoon to do some more active research as the day continues giving you a further driving itinerary of around 75 miles in your set of Aston Martins. Being a complete circuit you will arrive back at the same hotel for a final debrief and refreshments. If you know someone who’s mad about these quintessentially British sports cars our Aston Martin driving day has to be the ultimate bespoke excursion at the wheel of these fine cars on the real roads.

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