Aston Martin V8 Vantage Experience

Want a great value hassle-free Aston Martin supercar experience? Well it’s no bother at Bovingdon as this lot just love their fancy cars so get yourself down to this former airfield race way in Hertfordshire and go for a spin around the track in a lovely Aston Martin.

This Hertfordshire circuit is great fun. It’s in a kind of oval shaped proving ground style so there are long sweeping bends that are just at that perfect angle so that you can keep on accelerating through the curve if you’ve got the bottle and the supercar skills and driving experience (after all you already have the right tool for the job with the impressive Aston Martin)

And what a car it is. When it comes to having the criteria to be in a supercar experience line up the Aston Martin certainly ticks all the boxes. Elegant? Check. Powerful? Check. Innovative? Check. Suitably expensive? Check. And here is the essence of these experiences as they give you the chance to get behind the wheel of a car most of us could never afford to own or run. Sigh. But it also means you can give it some tyre screeching and throw it into the corners knowing you’re not paying the petrol bill!

We know you will love the V8 Vantage (or the AMV8 for acronym fans) in Hertfordshire with those nice 19″ wheels and that throaty 4.3l V8 that just sings when you start red-lining it at 8000rpm. Before you can get hands on the Aston you’ll be taken out on the track in another car for four reconnaissance laps with a pro driver at the wheel. The idea is to use this time to get the feel of the track sussed so that when you hit it again as driver in the V8 Vantage you can really make the most of your go.

Your Aston Martin supercar experience gives you 10 laps in the Aston Martin around this 1km long track in Hertfordshire. As you drive you’ll be coached by a professional driving instructor who’ll be in the passenger seat to see if you can get your braking point spot on and hold that racing line.

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