Aston Martin Vantage

Treat yourself to a high-speed red carpet motoring experience when you drive an Aston Martin at one of our UK circuits. Get behind the wheel of one of these sleek aerodynamic and iconic motors for a track day experience unlike any other!

Renowned as being the car of choice for celebrities the rich and powerful it’s no wonder that so many of us yearn for the chance to drive a gorgeous Aston Martin for real. With over a century’s experience producing high-quality luxury sports cars this is a classic make that has stood the test of time and the V8 Vantage has been a motoring sensation since its debut at the Geneva motor show in 2005.

Your V8 Vantage driving session takes place at your choice of one of six UK tracks in Northamptonshire Yorkshire Wiltshire Leicestershire or Lincolnshire. Each location has been selected to offer you the best possible Aston Martin drive with smooth surfaces sweeping curves and challenging chicanes allowing you to find out everything this sophisticated motor is capable of.

Before you slip into the driver’s seat you’ll be given a safety briefing then it’s time to buckle up your seatbelt and hit the tarmac for approximately six miles (three or four laps depending on location). And don’t forget this Vantage model might be the baby of the Aston Martin range but it still drives like a dream and packs enough of a power punch to achieve up to 180mph.

Once you’ve recovered from your V8 speed hit your course ends with passenger ride on a high-speed power lap around the circuit in a saloon car driven by your expert instructor. Finally you’ll be presented with a certificate marking your motoring achievement proclaiming you an Aston Martin driving maestro.

These track experiences offer the perfect automobile adventure for those with a passion for sports cars speed and the effortless power that Astons exude driving on ex-airfield or professional racing circuits. Drive an Aston Martin and live life in the fast lane even if it is just for a few incredible laps.

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