Atom Race Ride

Seeing an Atom racing on the track is quite a thrill. Seeing two of them racing is pretty exciting. Being actually sitting in one whilst a pro-driver is racing head to head with another Atom is just beyond exhilarating. And that’s exactly what you’ll be experiencing on this Ariel Atom race ride.

As you might suspect this is not going to be a gentle Sunday drive where you can pick out the sights as you cruise along. This is all about raw race power and pushing the supercharged Ariel to its limits as the Atom you’re in goes head to head in a race with another supercharged example of this crazy car. All passengers will need to be fully protected so it’s pre-ride safety briefing and on with the full face helmet.

Mind you no matter how much we tell what it’s going to be like nothing can possibly prepare you for the reality. It is truly eye-poppingly rapid. And it’s speedsville from the off as these Atoms accelerate ridiculously fast. From the word go you’ll be literally hanging on to your seat just centimetres from the floor as you head off on your race ride.

It even takes a few moments for your eyes to adjust and for you brain to compute what is going on. Don’t be surprised if you can’t even spot your friends and family cheering you on from the sidelines let alone having the wherewithal to actually wave to them!

As we said this experience is so much more than just a pleasure ride in an Atom and that’s because you will not be alone on the track – you will be going head to head against each other out there! With a duo of crazy Atoms hurtling around the track at once this is going to be one seriously fun ride.

With the cars both equally matched it’ll be a question of how confident you are as a co-pilot in the passenger seat because the drivers will continue to pump up the pace if you seem to be handling it all. It’s time to leap into the passenger seat lay down the gauntlet and get that Atom racing around a circuit in hot pursuit of your rival. Enjoy the ride.

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