Ballroom & Latin Dance Lessons for Two

Get strictly come dancing with our taster Ballroom and Latin dance lessons for two! If you did a search for ‘ballroom dance lessons near me’ and landed here you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got adult dance classes in Ballroom and Latin styles at centres and dance schools in every corner of the country all led by super nice leisure dance professionals.

With glamorous dancing shows on TV pulling in the viewers in their millions we all love a good routine. It’s the swishing of the fabulous dresses the permanent tans bright smiles and fantastic music that makes it all so appealing. And don’t forget Ballroom and Latin dance classes offer fun and fitness for all ages from that fab and funky ChaChaCha to a gentle end-of-the-night last Waltz.

Glide around the dance floor in a smooth-flowing Foxtrot or skip hop and jump across the room to the fun and lively Quickstep. Different ballroom styles have evolved through time with influences from all corners of the globe. You might be dancing the Samba from Brazil the Paso Doblo from Spain or that most sensuous of Latin dances the Rumba. You can take things as slowly or as quickly as you like as you’ll be finding out during your introductory Ballroom and Latin dancing lesson.

We have hundreds of venues across the UK hosting regular beginner level dance classes in Ballroom and Latin styles and you choose which club you’d like to go to for your lesson. Expect a warm welcome when you arrive ready to dance as part of a group class with other enthusiastic novices just like you so relax and have fun.

All classes are taught by qualified teachers and last around 45 minutes so you’ll have enough time to learn some of the basic moves and you and your partner will start to move nice and smoothly around the dance floor. These Ballroom and Latin dance lessons are a great way of learning to dance and classes are suitable for adults of all ages.

So remember not only can Ballroom and Latin dance lessons prepare you for that awkward family wedding or social event you can also meet new people and may even be the start of a wonderful new hobby. So if you’ve dreamed of floating around the dance floor in your glitter and tuxedo combination or fancy trying out some hot Latin moves get your dancing shoes on as these are definitely the classes for you!

Find out more and book your place today!

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