Battle of the Throroughbreds

Subaru vs Evo – which of the great rallying stalwarts will you prefer when you get to sling both of them around a proper rally track? This is the classic and all time best head to head line up with this duo of of delights from Japan’s top-notch automotive engineers getting on down in the dirt and the dust – and all with you at the wheel.

Ask anyone with even just a remote interest in rallying to name a brand of car synonymous with the motorsport in the 1980s and 90s and one half will probably say Mitsubishi and the other half will tell you Subaru. These are proper thoroughbreds of the power sliding world with handling that’s second to none and a whole lot of power under the bonnet too.

 For this battle both the Subaru and the Evo will be shod in genuine rally tyres (more grip more side slippage) both are turbocharged and both are equipped with all wheel drive technology. So are there any differences between the two cars? Admittedly to the untrained eye they even look rather similar with both boasting that aggressive styling and huge rear spoiler.

Look under the bonnet and you’ll find the Subaru has a larger 2.5l engine and it’s a Boxer at that (i.e. flat four) but the 2.0l Evo still pips the Scooby on torque. Hmm. Rumours amongst petrol heads range from claims that the Evo was brought out to compete with the STi to owners saying the Evo is a ‘hangar queen’ that’s to say in the garage quite a lot yet when it is running it out-handles the Subaru.

We say brush the rumours aside and decide for yourself which is the best of these two Japanese ninjas when you take both out. To give you a head’s up on how the day unfolds safety briefings are kept to a minimum and all teaching takes place in the cars with an expert instructors beside you.

As for the venues well they are very much worthy of hosting the Subaru vs Evo rally battle with much of your route just like you see on WRC in-car camera footage. Now you know you’ve got both cars lined up to battle it out it’s just a case of seeing if you’ve got what it takes to be something of a Japanese Ninja warrior in the driving seat!

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