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Beach Riding on The Sussex Coast | The Real Britain Company

Beach Riding on The Sussex Coast

Canter along miles of golden sands when you go horse riding on the beach! These horseback beach ride experiences are really really popular as both rider and mount adore these coastline outings in West Sussex. We’ve got the option of booking a personal guided ride or joining a small group.

You see it in pop videos tv adverts and shows. The slow motion sequence horse riding along the deserted beach. The dramatic sky the splashes of hooves in water the kicking up of the sand as the horse gathers pace mane flowing in the on-shore breeze. And we have to say these beach rides in West Sussex are as brill as they sound!

Open to all riders from novice to expert if you have even just a little experience on a horse these beach rides are possible for you. The organisers have specially selected some of the best beaches in West Sussex with long long stretches of sand that are just crying out to be ridden. All tours are guided showing the finest and wildest areas of this stunning coastline.

For these beach rides you’ll meet at a country pub. From there it’s a short hack along country lanes to the beach. Once in your stride you’ll feel the sense of simple well-being and bliss that riding a horse along the beach gives you. The horses absolutely love it and are totally relaxed. As confidence builds more experienced riders can enjoy the thrill of jumping the groins that line the seafront.

The school uses Climping beach near Atherington low tide gives you a wide stretch of sand that seems to go on forever. Horse riding on the beach is a real treat for both humans and horses. These well-organised rides on the beaches of West Sussex are convivial and fun – especially as they start and finish at a hand-selected country pub! Even if you’re not a hugely horsey person we think you’ll love riding horseback along the sand and in the water.

Find out more and book your place today!