Bear Grylls 24 Hour Survival Academy

Time to find out if you’re a born survivor when you go to the Bear Grylls survival academy! As one of the best-known survival and outdoor adventure experts in the world Bear has got himself into and out of numerous sticky situations in some of remotest corners of the globe. Following in that same bushcraft and survival vein these 24 hour courses will teach you all you need to know about White Water Survival and Primal Survival.

As new recruits of Bear’s academy you’ll need to be prepared to expect the unexpected. It’s a case of being taught Bear Grylls style survival skills on the job as you undertake what the experts call ‘dynamic’ river crossings (and yes it will be cold!) build makeshift shelters with what you find around you and use ropes to cross difficult terrain. You will of course need to eat but there’s no popping to the nearest shop or takeaway you’ll have to forage for food and even set some traps and snares to properly hunt for your dinner and then cook it on an open fire.

The wilds of the Brecon Beacons is the perfect setting for the White Water Survival course as you’ll be gorge walking and whizzing along tyrolean zip lines. Down on the South Downs it’s all about back to basics with the Primal Survival course. You’ll be whittling your own spears and learning how to use them as well as climbing high into the canopies of the tree tops!

Having said all that these survival sessions aren’t military camps and the expert instructors are there to teach inform and educate. You’re going to learn lots rather than just being sent off on a wet and wild mission into the middle of nowhere which we might normally associate with the man Bear Grylls himself.

If your idea of a wild night out is hitting the dance floor and going for a curry after the chances are the Bear Grylls survival academy isn’t for you. But if you want to tackle a serious challenge head on with gusto enthusiasm and inner strength (even if you never knew you had it!) a survival course that the one and only Bear Grylls has devised has to be the ultimate test of human ability. Will you survive?

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