Bear Grylls Adventure

Dare to go on a thrilling Bear Grylls Adventure! As the man himself says: ‘When your fears are laid bare you have to keep your nerve and dig deep’. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you launch yourself into the activities at this fantastical adventure in Birmingham!

Costing millions to create the Bear Grylls Adventure is totally different to any activity centre you’ll have ever seen. It takes on film-set proportions and includes everything from an indoor diving world to Europe’s biggest high ropes adventure course. Is it extreme? Yep it can be. Will you be scared? Quite possibly but it’s also an amazing experience and brilliant fun too.

All participants take part in your chosen ‘Hero’ activity depending on your voucher choice. You’ll need to have your ‘adventure ready’ clothes on a clear head and be raring to go for these experiences as your guide leads your group through the tasks and challenges.

Time for the Hero activities. Go climbing in the style of some of the world’s biggest peaks (with some bouldering to get you warmed up). Head outside to take on 36 high ropes challenges across five levels up to 20m off the ground. Snorkel in the underwater cage to meet the marine wildlife. Undertake longbow training to fire those arrows. Keep calm focus and take aim with your air pistols and rifles at the shooting range. Or go wild with the ‘Big 5’ which gives you five action-packed activities to enjoy in one voucher.

No matter which Bear Grylls Adventure package you pick it’s going to be one seriously adventurous day out filled with mentally and physically demanding challenges to triumph over. Time to escape the ordinary and achieve something epic.

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