Bear Grylls Extreme Survival

Are you ready for the Bear Grylls extreme survival test? A far cry from being a nice day out in the countryside having a wander around whilst studying some nice indigenous flora and fauna these two courses are seriously tough and will push the limits of your survival instincts to the extreme. Time to find out if you’re a born survivor.

We are offering a three day lowlands course and a gruelling five day foray into the Highlands billed as the ultimate in survival courses by Bear Grylls himself. Both are operated as proper self preservation missions and you need to be prepared to not just come face to face with the extremities of the elements but to have them battering every bone in your body!

You will be running wild with experts hand-picked by Bear himself. Highly trained these survivalists know exactly what it takes to be able to stay alive in the wilderness and initiate self-rescue techniques. It’s all about self preservation and primal instinct. You will most definitely be discovering the inner rugged you as you wade climb crawl jump and scramble your way back to civilisation.

For those who want to develop their extreme survival skills the three day course does just that in true Bear Grylls style with you heading off into the wilds of Dartmoor to roam the moors and try to overcome the wonderful bleakness of your surroundings. Thankfully you won’t be doing anything completely daft like climbing inside a dead camel to take shelter from a desert storm but you will be tackling everything from Tyrolean traverses to laying traps for food.

Following the success of Bear’s TV shows Man vs Wild & Running Wild adventurers can now test themselves in the extreme Highlands of Scotland. This five-day intense survival course follows the same format of the TV shows. “Survive the Highlands” begins with a crash three-day course in Bears survival techniques and finishes with a 30-hour survival mountain journey. You will be pushed to the limit crossing difficult terrain in order to make your way back to civilisation. Do you have what it takes to complete the challenge!

Your course instructors have either worked alongside Bear on various TV projects worldwide or are an expert in their respective fields including mountaineering climbing wilderness survival and extreme adventurous activity. The final challenge will test you and put those valuable lessons into practice. Will you have the stamina and strength of mind to make it back to base and beat the Bear Grylls extreme survival test?

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