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Become a Laird or Lady | The Real Britain Company

Become a laird or lady in the Scottish Highlands and help preserve the natural habitat at the same time! To have your very own slice of wild Scottish countryside you can buy a lordship with the title of Laird (that’s Scottish for Lord) or become a Lady with this novelty gift idea. There are plenty of people claiming Scottish titles for sale but the idea behind this ‘Become a Scottish laird’ gift pack is to make everyone laugh and do some good for the Highlands in Scotland at the same time.

So how do you become a laird? Quite simply as a landowner in Scotland you have the right to call yourself a Lady or a Laird and to prove it you will receive an ornate certificate detailing your land ownership and plot number which you can place on your mantlepiece. You will also be sent a ‘Proof of Title’ card to verify that you have become a Scottish laird which will ensure you have all the credentials to Laird or Lady it up in Scotland whatever that means!

The land where you will buy your Lordship is in the grounds of Dunans Castle at Glendaruel on the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll and Bute. Your pack will feature directions to the land which makes up the Laird’s Retreat. What’s more as a genuine land owner thanks to this ingenious buy a lordship scheme you are very much welcome to visit the peaceful Retreat and enjoy it. Imagine taking a picnic to eat in an area where you own a patch of land?

Behind this imaginative gift to become a laird there’s also a very good cause. The aim of putting up Scottish titles for sale as gifts is to be able to preserve this area of the Highlands as a completely natural habitat. The area is not treated or managed so it is left to the wild just as the native plants and animals like it so when you become a Scottish laird you’ll be helping mother nature too. Note as this is in Scotland you won’t buy a lordship but a lairdship the scottish alternative so there’s no point in trying to get into the House of Lords with the special card we’ll send you!

This novel become a laird gift is just one of over 800 gift ideas from experience gift specialist IntotheBlue. Please visit our main gifts section to see the huge range of activities and gift experiences suitable for all the family.

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