Bee Experience Lancashire

Lift the lid on how lovely Lancashire honey is made on this Honey Bee experience! What’s not to love about a guided visit around the Bee Centre? You’ll be able to dress up as a beekeeper and experience what it’s like to look after a hive and you’ll get to find out all about what these busy bees get up to!

Based in the grounds of Samlesbury Hall near Preston a wonderful 14th century medieval manor house the Bee Centre has a very important role to play in the world of apiculture. It’s honeybee breeding and habitat creation programme is making sure the important role of those buzzy little bees in their hives is recognised.

As well as managing the apiaries and the lovely pollinator garden there’s a shop where lots of bee products like honey beeswax candles and hampers are sold. The centre also organises beekeeping training for beginners bee-breeding and a whole lot more. On these honey bee experiences you will be given an insight into what both the human team and the insect team get up to and it’s utterly fascinating stuff for all ages.

The visitor centre itself is brilliant. There’s a huge 20ft glass window that gives you an insider’s view onto the world of the bees in their special observation hive. You can watch them constructing a comb doing their funny little ‘waggle dance’ making honey and even observe new bees hatching from eggs. Look carefully and you might just spot the all-important Queen Bee who most definitely rules the hive.

A highlight for all would-be beekeepers on this experience has to be the chance to get kitted out in the full bee suit. The long-sleeved white overalls gloves and in particular the beekeeping hat and veil are what makes a beekeeper. It’s great fun to get all the gear on and get a feel for what it’s like to be a beekeeper.

We think a day out with the apiarists and their bees on this honey bee experience is a superb activity for the whole family. After all who wouldn’t want to see for themselves where all that lovely runny honey you like to spread on your hot buttered toast really comes from?

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