Bee Keeping in Kent

Bee amazed on a beekeeping course in Kent! Where better than the Garden of England to learn all about keeping bees? On these half day courses at Hawkhurst in the heart of Kent’s High Weald you’ll discover the life and work of these busy bees.

Kent beekeepers like your course leader John Osbourn are utterly passionate about what they do. Given the fact that John worked for many years at the Natural History Museum it’s little wonder that he is now guardian to over 70 beehives in the Kentish countryside. With so much experience in beekeeping John decided to impart his knowledge and start teaching beekeeper courses.

We love the programme for these lessons. First off you’ll investigate what the inside of an empty hive is like. It’s a very simple idea but works really well as it’s not often you get to see the workings of these worlds of nectar and honey without the bees buzzing around. Then once you’ve got your bee suit and gloves on it’s time to go to the ‘live’ beehive and see what’s happening.

This is the moment John will deftly lift off the hive’s roof and ceiling to expose the bee colony to see what’s going on in there. You’ll learn how the colony works together as a highly efficient team. From surrounding the brood nest with honey and pollen to being responsible for bringing in deliveries of fresh nectar collected from all those Kent flowers each bee has a role. You’ll have to look closely to spot the Queen as she’s kept well protected by her loyal subjects!

You might even witness the birth of new bees emerging from their cells all wobbly and unsure of themselves – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they grow into worker or drone bees. All of the various stages of the life of a bee and their roles will all be explained to you by John as you investigate the working beehive.

There’s also time during this half-day beekeeping course in Kent to answer your questions. So if you’ve ever wanted to know what Royal Jelly is and how it’s used or wondered if bees can survive the winter book yourself onto this course to find all the answers to these and a whole load more bee questions.

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