Belly Dancing Taster for Two

Have a go at shaking your thing on the dancefloor with these belly dancing classes! As much about keeping fit as it is about learning the belly dance moves these lessons are a great way to have fun and get into the dance of the East. You’ll have a group lesson with a professional female belly dance tutor who will teach you the basics of the dance.

Although it’s called bellydancing you will be using your entire body during the class which also means it’s a fantastic work-out for your whole body too. The key to the style is independently moving each part such as shoulders hips and stomach. The result is an exotic almost mesmerising dance that has amazed and entranced audiences.

Indeed belly dancing is a truly engaging and rhythmic form of dancing that will have you enthralled – just as it has done in the Middle and Far East for centuries. The belly dance isn’t one single dance either. There are actually many subtly different forms of belly dancing; from Arabic to Egyptian to middle Eastern and Turkish dancing. But one thing’s for sure if you’re up for it you’ll master the art of those hip moves with ease at these beginner classes.

Our vouchers are for belly dancing for two. We think they’re a great way for the girls to get together for a fun way to start an evening. It certainly makes a change from a spin class or working out at the gym and it’s a lot more sociable too. As you can probably guess the emphasis is very much on enjoying yourselves whilst learning belly dance.

Taster belly dancing classes last around 45-minutes so expect to be wiggling those hips in a shiver or a shimmy (they’re the official belly dance terms!) and getting to incorporate the arm movements too. So go on get a couple of you together and enjoy trying out at this most traditional of Middle Eastern dances with a modern twist!

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