Best of British

Meet the very best of British supercars on this quintessentially British driving experience! These sessions offer up a superlative pair of supercars that are to put it simply the epitome of Cool Britannia. Time to wave the Union Jack this is home-grown motoring at it’s best.

For these drives it’s Aston vs Atom. For both manufacturers the engineering design and build skills that produce these supercars are all British-based. Indeed it’s almost enough to make you get those leather driving gloves out and utter ‘I say old chap’ as you slide into the driver’s seat ready to launch yourself onto the track in these very British motors.

So it’s time for you to take the first of the Brit boys out on the track. The Aston Martin DB9 needs no introduction. This is the punchier racier model with a mahoosive V12 engine capable of a head-spinning 190mph. As well as looking lovely on the outside on the inside it’s just as fantastic with a finely tuned engine and that F1-style paddle gearshift that can also be driven in full auto mode. In essence a great gearbox!

Then comes the Ariel Atom. At a small factory in Crewkerne just 100 Ariel cars are produced every year lovingly assembled by hand. The company has only 19 employees but the design innovation and craftsmanship behind the Atom has certainly made a massive impact on motoring (who could forget that Top Gear segment a few years back when Clarkson drove one?).

ou will be driving the supercharged Atom version that seriously threatens to blow your socks off. It might ‘only’ be 325bhp compared to the Aston’s 470 but being so so light the Atom can clock 0-60mph in a staggering 2.8 seconds. Crazy.

In essence there is nothing like this duo of British supercars. Hand crafted and built with passion and skill at modern manufacturing centres in Britain it’s heartwarming to think we as a nation still ‘have it’ when it comes to coming up with downright fabulous motors! Enjoy!

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