Birds of Prey Shrewsbury

Happy birds thrilled visitors and passionate hosts – that’s falconry in Shrewsbury for you! This is falconry at it’s most relaxed and friendly as this centre is never open to the public so all experiences are tailor-made with the falconers being able to concentrate on you and the birds making for insightful and totally hands-on meetings with the raptors.

The team here in Shrewsbury invites you to join a Hawk walk take part in a raptor or Owl experience or fully immerse yourself in the life of a falconer on the full day course. Whichever you choose there’ll be a warm welcome from the humans and birds alike and plenty of time to take photos ask all the questions you’ve ever wanted to and fly the birds too.

And whilst the falconers and their birds do the usual shows school visits and weddings in Shrewsbury around Shropshire and beyond the everyday tasks falconers do back at the centre are truly fascinating; breeding rearing caring for and training the lovable raptor residents here in Shrewsbury. If you fancy finding out more about this work and all the other essential daily duties of a falconer as well enjoying lots of flying the full day course is definitely for you.

If you like the idea of taking a countryside stroll the Hawk walk is a great choice. Pottering through the woods and fields (and there’s about 600 acres of Shrewsbury countryside to explore!) the gregarious Hawk loves nothing better than a bit of company so they will follow you sporadically flying right down to your gloved hand as you go. Wonderful

And out and out favourite with the younger falconers (and often the adults too) are the Owl experiences. The likes of Scoobie and Freckle are just two of the gorgeous most ridiculously photogenic owls you could ever meet and on these sessions you will indeed have plenty of time to take pictures and fly some Owls too with both indoor and outdoor arena available.

So whether it’s a Hawk walk a raptor Owl experience or a full day falconer experience you know the birds and hosts will give you the very best introduction to the world of falconry in Shrewsbury with lots of handling and flying time included for every participant.

Find out more and book your place today!

Birds of Prey Shrewsbury
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