Blacksmith Academy

Visit Oldfield Forge and join the merry band of blacksmiths to make your very own forged iron piece! Spend time discovering how the age-old methods and traditions of blacksmithing are being kept very much alive at this brilliant blacksmith academy.

Deep in the heart of West Herefordshire countryside you’ll find Oldfield Forge. It’s a bucolic scene with wildflower meadows woodlands and even little shepherding huts to chill out in whilst the children play outside. As well as the chirping of the birds and swishing of the trees in the wind you might just hear the sound of metal on metal. That will be the bustling blacksmith academy…

Not only unique in Herefordshire this is the country’s only purpose-built blacksmithing training facility. The academy operates alongside a very successful family-run ironwork business producing everything from latches stays bells and tie backs to bespoke designed and forged gates and furniture. Creating ironworks in both contemporary and classic styles this is our industrial heritage at its very best producing high-quality practical and artistic ironwork. And don’t just take our word for it – this forge carries out a lot of work for historical and ecclesiastical buildings looked after by the likes of National Trust English Heritage and Cdaw in Wales.

And indeed it’s fascinating to watch the skilled blacksmiths at work as the iron is heated to red hot then twisted bent and cut to create the most amazing forms and shapes. But of course you’re not just here to watch these are very much hands-on forging experiences and you will be joining the Herefordshire blacksmiths to learn how to make your bespoke iron piece.

We are offering introductory three and five hour blacksmithing courses where you’ll create a handcrafted keepsake for you to take home. We also have longer courses for you to tackle the more complex design of an axe or a knife under the watchful eye of the highly skilled blacksmiths. Book your place at the Oldfield Forge blacksmith academy for a fabulous day out of forging the metal!

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