Blacksmith Experience Day Cumbria

Get forging on a blacksmith experience day in Cumbria! Join Richard at his forge in the Cumbrian countryside to learn all about the work of a blacksmith. During the course of this full day you’ll fabricate your very own forged item to take home with you.

This is traditional artisan work at its best working metal the same way as it has been done for thousands of years. Richard is passionate about blacksmithing and has been making a living out of metal work since 2009. Now he is taking his skills and passing them on to students who come to his purpose-built training forge.

Hidden away amongst the fields and farmland around Brampton (which is just north east of Carlisle) you’ll find Richard working away in his forge. And although it’s purpose-built the machines and tools are very much traditional. The centre-piece is the double hearth coke-fire forge with a propane gas furnace and a classic Massey 2Cwt power hammer (for heavy forging work). There are also lots of handmade blacksmith tools – which Richard has made himself!

Everything you need to forge metal is here at Middle Row Forge. The big decision for you on the day is to decide what sort of project you’d like to undertake. Richard sets aside a number of options for novice blacksmiths all of which are very much achievable in a day. It could be something practical like a hand tool a fire poker a bottle opener or something purely artistic.

Once you’ve picked what you fancy making you’ll work with Richard in his teaching forge to heat shape and manipulate the metal to your chosen form. The workshop is very much hands-on so expect to be getting your sleeves rolled up and properly stuck in as you taper bend twist and rivet the hot metal.

By the end of your blacksmith experience day in Cumbria you’ll be able to proudly show off your very own hand-crafted piece of ironwork to your friends and family. A lovely day in a lovely place with a blacksmith who’s infectiously enthusiastic about his ironwork.

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