Body Boarding in Cornwall

When you head out into the open sea with your body board it’s the surf versus you in a wet suit and a set of fins! Lying on the board just above the waves allows you to get closer to the power of the sea and enjoy the thrill of wave riding.

Body Boarding is real surfing as you are powered along by the breaking waves but it’s also a great introduction if you want to progress to standing on a board. Both are fun but body boarding is an easier way to start for beginners. We could say it’s the perfect solution for wannabe surfers who have yet to find their balance but it is in fact a wave sport in its own right.

A body board is a lot shorter than a traditional surf board making it easier to control in the water. You choose a strong-looking wave from those rolling in and as it approaches you pull your upper body onto the board and kick hard with your fins. If your timing is right you catch the wave and the result is a noisy foaming high-speed ride as you sweep in towards the shore. With no standing up (and less falling off) you can maximise your time just riding the waves.

You’ll be taught by a qualified coach how to paddle your way through the breaking waves and catch the perfect roller to hurtle you towards the beach on your board. Waves may be easy to catch and ride – but body boarding is a tough sport to master. That’s where the skills you will be taught on your lesson  come in as they will equip you to get off to a flying start in the water.

The instructors for this activity are mobile in and around the Newquay area so you can be sure that they’ll select the beach with the best body-boarding conditions on the day as you’ll soon learn weather conditions (especially on and off-shore winds) play a massive part in where the bodyboarders go to play. IntotheBlue offers a selection of surfing related activities  please see our main surfing lessons page for more information on this thrilling water sports. 

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