Brands Hatch Drift Training

If you fancy flinging an MX5 around head to Brands Hatch and go drifting! Going fast in a straight line is great fun but sliding sideways around a bend at serious speed is just out of this world. It takes skill concentration and maybe a bit of beginner’s luck for this amazing experience in Kent.

First up we must mention the instructing team at this Brands Hatch school. Head honcho Rich Newton has many many years of experience judging drifting competitions (no pressure to try and impress him then!) and when we tell you chief instructor Kenny Lam is known as the grandfather of British drifting we think you get the idea of the calibre of this Kentish school.

As for the cars we’re talking Mazda MX5s. Upgraded bits and bobs all over the car mean these little sports cars are nothing like the ones you see cruising the High Street. Maintaining and running a drift car takes a lot of money and mechanical skill with the tyres being changed more often than you’ve had hot dinners but it’s hardly surprising after these guys have been playing for a few hours.

We have rookie training experiences in drifting for you at Brands Hatch. The action all happens in and around a zoned off area of the paddocks here at Brands. You’ll start by learning the basics where you’ll get a feel for the sensation of swinging the car out. Then you’ll move on to mastering handbrake usage throttle balance and counter steer before taking it one step further to do full corner drifts at Brands Hatch. How cool is that!

Your total driving time is up to 90 minutes. Now that’s a lot of sliding and tyre screeching for you. We totally see the attraction of going to Brands hatch drifting – it’s seat of your pants stuff for sure and there’s nothing like getting the knack of that sideways drift action that just looks so stylish.

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