Spend a day in a family run brewery in the West Midlands on our unique Brew a Beer Day! This is a superb hands-on day where you learn how to brew your own beer.  You’ll need to make sure you bring your wellies with you as you’re going to be getting proper stuck-in with all the tasks involved in beer making with malt and hops everywhere!

This day is the ultimate beer drinker’s fantasy as you will follow the work of the Head Brewer at the award-winning Sadler’s Brewery in Stourbridge taking an active role in the beer making (and drinking) process from mashing to bottling.

This superb day starts with meeting brewer Chris Sadler. His great grandfather Nathaniel started the Windsor Castle Brewery in 1900 making Chris the fifth generation of brewer. Now operating out of their modern brewery in Lye Chris has preserved that century-old brewing know-how using up to date machinery and technology to produce some fabulous craft beers winning plenty of awards on the way.

Before you start brewing there’s always time for breakfast and a cuppa. Then it’s off to work that mash tun to mix the malted barley with the water and prepare the hops. But what does the beer you’re in the process of making taste like?

Well as it happens there’s the Brewhouse Bar which is located within the brewery itself making it the perfect place for a ‘tea’ break at the bar in between brewing tasks to try a few of the bottle and draught ales as well as have a good old chat. Who’d have thought hops malt sugar and yeast could all combine to make such hallowed golden nectar?

After all that brew team talk it’s back to work those hops and get the fermentation process underway in the huge tanks before leaving the beer to relax and mature nicely. By now you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the brewing process of beer is all about so much so that you should be able to get brewing at home yourself – although on a much smaller scale.

Of course learning to brew beer in a day is hungry and thirsty stuff so the experience also includes that breakfast and a break for lunch which will be a customary Black Country Hop Picker’s Platter complete with the restaurant’s own beer bread Mud City Stout cheese pickles and ham. After relaxing in the bar after all that brewing work you will leave the brewery with a bottled Sadler’s beer gift pack in hand. A brilliant day out for any beer fan!

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