Bridge Bungee Middlesbrough

This is the UK’s first commercial bridge bungee jump and what a bridge it is!  The iconic transporter bridge in Middlesbrough was made famous in the last TV series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet – and now here’s your chance to jump off it (attached to a bungee rope of course!).

Built in 1911 the iconic transporter bridge is one of only three bridge jumps operating in the world.  You’ll arrive easily from the A66 into the transporter bridge visitor centre and from there you will be weighed and kitted out with your harness and back-up gear.

Then it’s the biggest climb of your life 210 steps to the top of the bridge. Once at the top you will find yourself 160ft above the River Tees where you can take in the fabulous views as you wait for your final checks to be carried out (safety is paramount after all!).

Then it’s your turn! On the edge you might want to turn back but before you can change your mind the jumpmaster gives you the call and away you go. You fly out over the river and plunge downwards only to bounce back high into the air several times on the elastic bungee rope. Then you are lowered towards a waiting speedboat and plucked from the air. Filled with adrenaline it’s back to the shore waving to your family and friends in the viewing area.

We have to say the venue for your bungee is totally amazing and unique. The Tees Transporter Bridge is a Grade Two listed building and a magnificent industrial relic. It’s still going strong after more than 100 years and for 60p you can make the two-minute 851ft crossing between Middlesbrough and Port Clarence in the gondola suspended on steel cables above the river.

There are excellent viewing points for family and friends and local attractions make it a great day out. And of course who could forget how the bridge shot to fame in 2002 when it featured in the ‘A Bridge Too Far’ episode of the TV soap Auf Wiedersehen Pet when the lads convinced some people that it was being dismantled and shipped to Arizona. Try a bungee jump and see if it’s ‘A Bridge Too High’ for you!

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Bridge Bungee  Middlesbrough
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