Bronze Casting Workshops

Learn how bronze sculptures are made on a bronze casting workshop! These wonderful one-day courses are open to all with the aim of offering beginners an insight into casting bronze to create a piece you can take home with you.

These workshops are hosted by Mark Halliday. A Royal College of Art trained sculptor and bronze founder Mark is a skilled and talented mould maker and metal caster. His piece ‘Leads & Reglets II’ has been displayed in the Royal Academy and he was commissioned to create a bespoke foundry for the Eden Project. He has also worked as a tutor coaching art students at Central St Martins Birmingham School of Art and the Cardiff School of Art & Design too.

Rodin Henry Moore and Giacometti are just three of the famous artists who have made sculptures out of bronze. But how does bronze casting work? How do you make the mould? How hot does the molten bronze get? All these questions and more will be answered during your workshop in this lovely Welsh setting where you’ll learn how bronze is cast.

It’s totally hands-on too. You’ll create your sculpture or object (like a door knocker belt buckle or jewellery) from wax and then learn how to attach it to a wax cup before making a mould. The lost wax process is used so when the moulds are ready you’ll melt out the wax and then go straight on to melting and pouring your bronze which is a pretty intense moment. Once cooled all that remains for you to do is literally break the mould and take a first look at your hand-made bronze piece inside!

All the materials and equipment you’ll be using during your bronze casting workshop are provided for you and included in the price. Mark offers two types of courses: you can either join a small group or you can get a few of you together and book an exclusive bronze casting workshop for up to six of you. Purely creative or really practical whatever you cast in bronze is yours!

Find out more and book your place today!

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