Canyoning Fort William

Have you ever felt like jumping off a cliff? For those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush here’s your chance with Into The Blue! Take this great opportunity and go canyoning in Scotland at the splendidly beautiful Inchree Falls just off the A82 in between Glencoe and Fort William.

The stunning series of waterfalls that are set in the Glenrigh Forest just south of Fort William in the wonderfully sculpted Scottish Highlands offer an amazing setting with fantastic views over Loch Linnhe not that you’ll notice as you’ll be too busy diving into the water!

Once you have been fully kitted out in all the necessary specialist equipment you will undertake a safety briefing before heading out to the rocks. Your half day experience will see you embarking on a canyoning mission under the watchful supervision of one of the centre’s highly trained guides.

Inchree Falls is a natural run of stepped waterfalls that boasts 500ft of height difference from the top to the bottom. With all the safety gear on you don’t need to be a seasoned diver to love this experience you just need to be able to swim with confidence and have a head for heights and heart for adventure.

A definite highlight of this exhilarating canyoning day out at Inchree has to be the impressive (and slightly daunting) 30ft drop. Whether you decide to be roped down in front of the cascading water or you’re brave enough to go for the jump splashing into the fast flowing water below is a thrilling unforgettable moment.

During your trip you will work your way down through the canyon taking in some unsurpassed memorable views as you go behind walls of gushing water. Some of the rock features can be used as natural slides plunging you into pools at an exciting pace. This is seriously good fun all thanks to mother nature!

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