CAPOW Superhero Photoshoot

Capow! Bam! Pow! It’s the superhero photoshoot! Millions of us – kids and adults alike – love dreaming that we have super powers. If you’re a secret superhero or have a passion for Cosplay (that’s costume play for the uninitiated) these fab photoshoots at professional photography studios around the country turn your superhero fantasy into reality. 

Perfect for little Marvel fans (and big ones too) you’ll be donning your favourite superhero outfit to then grapple and flex with a range of props from boulders and girders to chains to shields. All in front of a range of realistic movie backgrounds including a death-defying skyscraper drop.

And while you’re busy saving the world and generally acting the true superhero you’ve always wanted to be the expert photographers will be using their super-vision to find amazing poses and capture your capers on film so every thrilling moment is saved forever.

What’s more once your superhero photoshoot’s finished the studio team will use their powers to enhance your images with all kinds of special effects. From dramatic light to extreme weather layers all your superhero photos will pack a heroic punch thanks to the full Hollywood blockbuster treatment. Ready for your superhero photoshoot? Yep as Captain America says: ‘I can do this all day’!

Find out more and book your place today!

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