Carnivore Encounter

Get ready for some thrilling animal encounters that give you the chance to spend a captivating hour in the daytime with these formidable predators. The experience takes place at the friendly Hoo Farm an animal park just north of Telford that is home to an eclectic family of animals and birds that will have visitors of all ages absolutely enthralled.

Three impressive sets of carnivores will be waiting to meet you on this the Carnivore Combo experience. The centre’s resident family of Red Foxes are very tame and love nothing better than to come and greet visitors. Mind you that might be because you’ll be bringing chicken with you and that is without doubt the fox’s favourite dish. You’ll be amazed how gently these foxes take the pieces of chicken out of your hand. A veritable foxy feast.

The next residents you’ll be paying a visit to are the impressive Burmese Pythons and Boa Constrictors. These amazing reptiles truly personify the meaning of the word ‘predator’ with their strength and agility. What’s more you’ll be able to get up close to serpentine residents like Bonnie the Python hold them and feel their (surprisingly) soft skin. Don’t worry though although they are amongst the world’s biggest snakes the largest food they can eat is a rabbit so we are all off the menu!

Last but by no means least it’s time to meet Zeus and Dooma the sleek Servals. When encountered in the wild these cheetah-like animals are impressive hunters but this pair are a lot calmer and are quite happy hanging out with you. In fact this is the only place in the UK where you can get up close to a Serval so it’s a unique opportunity here at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom.

We think these animal encounters offer a fun and informative way to meet and learn about some really unusual animals – all of whom are accomplished predators in their own way. And with all experiences being led by expert animal keepers you will get a real insight into what looking after and being with these carnivores on a daily basis is really like.

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