Carriage Driving West Sussex

Giddy up for your carriage driving lesson in the lovely West Sussex countryside! We are offering the chance for the two of you to enjoy a horse carriage driving experience around this lovely country estate.

Be it pony and trap or Coronation coach there’s something quite lovely about the trotting horse with carriage. From working horses doing beer deliveries to majestic voyages by Royal appointment horse and carriages used to be a very common sight. Nowadays it’s all about metal horsepower but on these drives we take it back to the rather more genteel days of the traditional horse and carriage.

For all budding coachmen no horse riding experience is necessary for these carriage driving lessons as your instructor will be guiding you through the whole session quite literally showing you the reins. You’ll be taught a few key commands such as ‘Walk on’ ‘Steady’ and ‘Slow’ and before you know it you will be pulling away in your carriage your horse proudly leading on.

You’ll learn lots and you’ll realise that being able to work as a team with your horse is really quite satisfying. What’s more as the voucher we are offering is for two people you can share the driving between you. When you’re not driving you’ll be a passenger in the carriage.

The location for these wonderful carriage drives is a stable at Warnham near Horsham. Being in the heart of rural West Sussex means there are miles and miles of safe trails and routes for you to follow making it a very calm and safe place for you your horse and your carriage. Time for a nice little trot in the countryside? Book your West Sussex carriage drive experience online now.

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