Catwalk Makeover for Two

Our Catwalk Makeover Photoshoot for two! Whether you’re sisters doing it for yourselves or Best Friends Forever these makeover photoshoots for two will capture your personalities that close relationship and all the fun you have together.

The photoshoot starts behind the scenes. As BFFs you’ll love getting your hair and make-up done together. It might be a time for a catch up between siblings or the perfect chance for a bit of a gossip with your bestie as the the stylists get to work to make the pair of you look simply fabulous darling.

Looking gorgeous and glam you’re more than ready for your catwalk-style photoshoot together. This is your moment to move out into the limelight with a professional photographer snapping away as the two of you (who’ve always been like peas in a pod) enjoying posing for the camera. Even if you’re not one for normally hogging the limelight you’ll have your best friend by your side so you can boost each other’s confidence.

Loads of photos will be taken so when it comes to picking your favourite shot of the two of you you’ll be spoilt for choice. Included in this very special girls only package is one A5 print which you select after the photo shoot. And if you like other photos you can arrange to buy these as well.

There are professional photo studios offering these great girls’ shoots all over the country. So whether you live near to each other and will head to the nearest location or you’re miles apart and you fancy making a weekend of it by meeting somewhere in the middle there is bound to be a professional studio near you.

A catwalk makeover photoshoot for two is a great present for parents to give to their girls a lovely thought when bought by one sister for another or just a fab gift to be shared by BFFs. And as all girlies know a picture will paint a thousand words for years to come so go for it girls!

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