Chicken Keeping Experience

Chicken keeping courses – where you find out which came first the chicken or the egg! Joking aside there’s more to keeping chickens than lifting the lid on the nest box and collecting the freshly laid eggs (although that is by far the biggest benefit!) and these courses will teach you all about how to keep chickens.

Not so many years ago the big supermarkets had everything covered. Prices were low and it was all super convenient for us as shoppers. Not so much fun if you were a battery hen. Fast forward to now and more and more of us are wanting to keep a couple of chickens in the garden to provide the freshest tastiest eggs that are of course totally free-range. And that’s where these courses come in.

We are offering half and full-day chicken keeping courses at a farm in East Sussex. The sessions are led by Jason who is an expert in ‘home farming’. As well as looking after chickens rearing them and teaching courses about them he’s also rather adept at building bespoke chicken runs and enclosures as you’ll find out

During your time at the farm you’ll hear all about how you get started in keeping chickens as pets/layers. The ‘Beginning Your Chicken Keeping’ half-day course gives you all the basic info you need from which breed to choose where you keep your chickens and feeding tips too.

Those on the full-day course attend the ‘Beginning’ session in the morning and then stay on in the afternoon (after a tasty lunch on the farm) to go more in-depth about caring for chickens. You’ll also learn chicky facts like why chickens are territorial foragers and that each hen very much has their own character. There’s always one wanting a stroke another who eats all the titbit treats and a cheeky one trying to escape!

By the end of these chicken keeping courses you’ll be well-informed on keeping chickens and quite possibly feeling ready to invite a couple of hens to live in your garden. If you didn’t know your Millefleur from your Lavender Pekin Bantams you certainly will do after attending one of these great courses that are fun informative and useful!

Find out more and book your place today!

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