Classic vs Modern Aston Martin Drive Oxfordshire

Twice the power and style with the double Aston drive! This Aston Martin head-to-head experience puts the modern DB9 up against a classic Vantage. Both are head-turning cars so which one will you prefer after driving the two on the track?

This modern and classic Aston Martin combination is inspired. You’ve got the stunning DB9 alongside the old school charm of the 1970s Vantage. The DB9 was the first Aston model to be built at the marque’s Gaydon facility and it was a star from the moment it rolled off the production line. It’s done racing it’s done Fast & Furious films it’s taken the top off with convertible Volante version and it’s featured on Top Gear’s Cool Wall. Car accolades don’t get much better than that!

The Vantage is the older brother on this head to head experience. Aston Martin was going gung-ho for the American car market so the style of this fastback is much more transatlantic. It oozes retro cool and whilst it might not have the performance stats of the DB9 with its V12 engine this 4.2l straight six Vantage certainly holds its own out on the Heyford Park circuit.

Both are very different to drive as you’ll find out. One is a real cruiser with a bit of bite under the bonnet for those ‘sporting’ moments whilst the other is all cream leather seats low ceiling height and zero driver aids. In our experience drivers love the modern and classic Astons equally but for contrasting reasons.

But enough of what we think this is your time. We are offering Blast experiences that give you three laps in each of the two cars and Thrills which double the distance with six laps in each car. For the best value double Aston drives plump for the Friday vouchers or for maximum flexibility the anytime voucher is the one to go for. Now all that remains for you to do is pick your voucher get booked in and get ready to meet both the modern and classic Astons!

Find out more and book your place today!

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Classic vs Modern Aston Martin Drive Oxfordshire
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