Climb and Dine with Up at The O2

Who would you invite to ‘come climb and dine at The O2 with me’? The O2 climb and dine experience offers a heady mix of scaling the heights of The O2 Arena combined with a nice meal out afterwards – in a restaurant right underneath where you were walking!

You can’t beat a bit of urban mountaineering and The O2 and meal is the real deal. You’ll certainly be earning your dinner as you take on the walkways that literally take you up to the middle of the famous roof and back down the other side. All with sweeping 360 degrees thrown in for good measure.

And we have to say by all accounts it’s pretty full-on out there for The O2 climbers and diners. You’ll be kitted out in a climbing outfit according to the weather (it can be windy at the summit!) that also includes a climbing harness and special sticky-soled boots for extra grip. As you get all this gear on the nerves are bound to start – it’s not every day you walk up and over a massive roof structure now is it?  All the climb team members are really friendly and will encourage you all the way.

Having conquered your personal Everest right there in the heart of SE10 enjoyed the views in the middle and gathered your thoughts to walk back down the other side it’s time to celebrate your bravery – with a nice meal at All Bar One at The O2.

And when we say this All Bar One is at The O2 we mean right inside the arena overlooking the main entrance hall and next to the ticket office just a couple of leaps from the Up at The O2 basecamp where you started your experience.

Whilst getting settled into your seat and perusing the set menu for your two course meal take a moment to reflect. Just a few minutes ago you were actually walking right over the very top of this All Bar One where you’re now sitting for your meal. That’s a big deal in our book and if we were you we’d be celebrating our climb and dine at The O2 with a glass of something bubbly!

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Climb and Dine with Up at The O2
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