Coasteering in Cornwall

Get set and ready for leaping and bounding around when you go coasteering in Cornwall! If exploring the coast cliffs coves and sea caves in a new and exciting way appeals to you then try a trip on one of the most exhilarating adventures of all – coasteering your way along some of Newquay’s beauty spots.

The coasteering on offer in Newquay is a mix of rock climbing canyoning and cliff jumping all rolled into an action-packed traverse all over the cliff headlands of Cornwall. You might think you have to be a super strong swimmer and have bulging muscles to enjoy this experience but you don’t. It’s all about listening to the instructor following their guidelines and taking the plunge using their techniques.

One thing’s for sure you’ll get plenty of time to enjoy nature’s watery wonderland of coasteering Cornish style. In fact there’s a great variety of sea scenery packed into a small area making it an ideal location for novice coasteerers. And it’s also worth noting that the natural obstacles you’ll face are tidal. At high tide there’ll be plenty of jumps and at low tide there are more caves and wildlife to see but at whatever maritime moment you choose the tackle Cornwall’s finest coasteering you’ll get to places well off the beaten track and inaccessible to even the most adventurous holidaymaker swimmers setting off from the beach!

The only way we can describe this half day experience is that it’s like setting a bird’s (or perhaps seagull?) eye view and you get to see what only the seals see as you experience some of Cornwall’s finest views. Coasteering safety requirements mean you are covered head to toe in a thermal neoprene suit and armed with specialist equipment including a life jacket so you will be safe whilst engaging in the thrill and rush of jumping from the cliffs swimming through caves and scrambling.

As long as you can swim no previous experience is required. It doesn’t matter how fit you are the trip will be tailored to be as mild or wild as you want. Experience a total contrast as you take in the most beautiful coastal surroundings Cornwall has to offer… and then throw yourself into them!

Your coasteering Cornwall guides are part of an environmentally conscious company that tries to minimise the impact it makes on the natural environment. They avoid coasteering the same sites around Newquay too often and ensure that all course participants understand the impact they have on the natural surroundings when taking part in each activity. Not only will you have a great time – but will also be learning about the stunning coastline surrounding you.

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