Couples Superstar Singers

Grab your glitterball and give your vocal chords some stretching ready for our couples’ music experience days around the UK! This experience opens the door to professional studios recording your very own duet with the one you love. This day out with a difference will see if you’ve got what it takes to be a star behind the mike.

Over the decades there have been some classic songs from famous couples and these music and recording experience days give you the chance to warble like the best of them. We’re thinking Kylie and Jason John Lennon and Yoko Ono Sonny and Cher Ike and Tina Turner. Or for the more vocally inspired why not put your accent mimicry skills to the test by belting out that seminal crooner tune Renee and Renato’s ‘Save Your Love’…?

For your romantic recording day you can choose to sing whichever songs take your fancy. Make it a real musical experience with golden oldies from back in the day or rock out to your favourite pop R’n’B or disco anthems like a true choral couple. The session takes place in a proper pro recording studio at locations throughout the UK where you’ll find out just what it’s like to be a superstar singing duo. Expert sound engineers will record your voices and with clever post-production gadgetry on hand you’ll soon be a couple singing sweetly in tune.

Your time at the studios allows you and your partner to record at least one song together and if you prove to be one-take wonders you might even have chance to put down two tracks on disc. If you need a bit of practice holding a note though you have as many takes as you need to get the sound tone and timing right.

After your recording experience together the music and sound engineer on the day will add the finishing tweaks and touches to the mix while you and your loved one relax in the chill out area just like proper pop stars. Depending on the studio you may even have time to take a CD cover shot to adorn the sleeve of the CD you get to take home with you!

These recording experience days make fantastic presents for music lovers of all ages and are a wonderful way to celebrate and encapsulate a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday. Bring along your favourite singing partner for a day of fun-filled melodies and harmonies and take home an original CD of your favourite songs performed in an entirely new way. Or for more music experience days and other cool musical gift ideas check out our main gifts section.

Find out more and book your place today!

Couples Superstar Singers
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