Discover Wakeboard and Waterski

Whether you learn to wakeboard in Milton Keynes or prefer to try waterskiing at this Milton Keynes watersports centre it’s going to be fun! We are offering 90-minute cable tow workshops for beginners that’ll get you up and out on the water.

The cable tow is at Willen Lake and is the highlight of the activities offered in this 180-acre of landscaped parkland in Milton Keynes. The system uses a network of cables to pull riders around a continuous loop. The benefits of the cable system means it can operate without the limitations of boats fuel wind or surf.

The Discovery watersports lessons at Milton Keynes all start with an on-shore briefing. How to get around the loop will be explained to you as well as where to swim to if you fall off and when/how the boat will come and get you. You will then take your first cable ride on a kneeboard as these are considered to be the easiest way to navigate the cableway.

It’s a bit tricky getting the knack of launching so there will be people on the dock to assist. Once you’ve got it sussed and you’ve conquered Willen Lake having done two full circuits of the loop you can move on to riding the cable on a wakeboard or waterskis. And this is where the adrenaline really starts to pump and the moment you realise this is one of the coolest things to do in the whole of Milton Keynes.

Willen Lake has an excellent reputation for wakeboarding and waterskiing with a rail park that never fails to impress. If you take to wakeboarding like a duck to the proverbial water there are beginner modules such as the flat box and the small kicker. Steer clear of the transfer box and the butter box though you need to be one of Milton Keynes’s accomplished wakeboarders to tackle those!

As well as excellent teaching facilities are really good at this centre for waterskiing and wakeboarding in Milton Keynes with bright modern changing rooms and a large dock area where spectators can watch your progress. There’s even the dock-side One4Six cafe to keep you refreshed while you ride the cable tow.

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