Double Supercar Experience

Try a double supercar experience and double-up on the supercar driving fun! This operator is one of the largest and most renowned in the country when it comes to laying on driving events which means you benefit from having the pick of a very fine and wide selection of cars as well as which venue to take your experience at.

There are several different tracks ready to welcome you. Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire is the spiritual home of this supercar driving group and has the largest fleet of fancy cars. Beyond this base there’s a superb mix of pro race tracks testing grounds and airfield circuits all of the country to tempt you. You probably won’t have to travel very far before you find yourself in front of your double supercar driving dreams!

When it comes to picking your duo of fave cars to drive it’s not an easy task. This operator has one of the biggest workshops of all track day operators and it’s filled to the brim with all the supercars that you could ever imagine this side of a seven star Dubai hotel car park. Availability may change according to venue but you’ll be looking at the likes of Bentley Ferrari Lamborghini Porsche Aston Audi and Ariel amongst the manufacturers being represented in this very exclusive garage of goodies.

Just as the name might suggest your two car experience gives you two different cars to drive each for three miles at the venue you have opted for. If you select the Double the Distance option you will enjoy six miles in each giving you twice the number of laps in the vehicles of your choice. Formalities are kept to a minimum and after sign in there’s time for a quick pre-drive brief before you get on with the serious business of flinging each of the cars you’ve chosen for this double supercar driving experience around the tarmac track of your choice.

Have a read of our independent reviews below to get a flavour of what people who have already done this double supercar driving experience think. As one happy customer wrote it’s not every day you get to drive £350 000 supercars for 10 minutes. And if you go for the double the distance option you get twice as long in the pair of cars you’ve chosen! 

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Double Supercar Experience
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