Drift Car Passenger Thrill

This is your invite to head to a professional driving academy to experience a drift car passenger thrill! Drift rides in one of the training cars will show you just how gnarly even a more modest drift car can be at the hands of a pro drifter. Get ready to be taken on a serious drift car thrill in the missile that is the Mazda MX-5.

The MX-5 is classic drift trainer car. It’s short wheel based compact and light   rear wheel drive. These drift rides will show you just how much fun these Japanese drop-tops can be in the hands of the right person. And in your case you’ll have a professional drifter sitting in the driver’s seat so you can bet your bottom dollar (or yen!) it’s going to be a heck of ride.

We are offering drift car passenger thrill rides in the MX-5s in Birmingham and Brands Hatch. And whilst the circuits may differ the cars are pretty much the same. Being modified MXs means they’ve got all the upgrades needed to make them proper drifting cars. So slide into the bucket seat get strapped in drop the top and get ready for the thrill ride of your life as you experience drifting first hand.

If you can bear to look you might find the speedo is nudging 70mph as you head straight into a corner. Your brain will be telling you that’s way to fast to approach a corner but your heart will be pumping whilst the adrenaline is making you will the MX-5 to hit the limiter. Invariably that’s just what your driver will do – pushing the MX-5 to the limits to max out the thrillometer on your drift car ride.

So whilst it might be a small and relatively cheap car the MX-5 is the perfect motor for giving you your very first drift car passenger thrill. After all it takes some getting used to when you slide around corners sideways with the tyres screeching. Get it right and it’s an art form and quite possibly one of the best motor sport spectacles ever. And you’ll be right in the thick of it in the passenger seat!

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