Drift Lap Rides

Just one drift lap and you’ll be hooked! Get ready to ride shotgun as a passenger in a competition-spec drift car with a pro at the wheel. We’re offering drifting hot laps for those who want sideways high thrills for 3 6 or even 12 speed-filled laps of the drift circuit.

Plonk yourself down in the low-slung bucket seat. Get your harness on and get ready for a wild track mission. If we’re honest with you it’s not actually the speed that makes your eyes water during these drift lap rides it’s the proximity to the other drift cars that’ll really get your pulse-rate rising. This really is a car ride like no other.

That’s because you won’t be out there on the drift track on your own just hooning it around an empty track. The whole idea of these drift lap rides is that they are operated just like a drift race. And instead of spectating from the stands around the track you’re right in there witnessing the spectacle from inside the drift racing car. You totally have the co-pilot’s eye view of the track. As one drift car sets off another follows close behind. And when we say close behind this is tailgating like you’ve never experienced before!

It’s unnerving yet exhilarating. It’s fast yet seems to happen in slow motion. It’s controlled yet feels on the point of being out of control. That’s what drifting is all about and you will love experiencing it for yourself during your hot laps.

Of course to drive right on the limit like this you need the tools for the job. And that’s where the roster of drivers comes in. Each and every one of them is a drift pro competing in the likes of the British Drift Championships and other various European drift series too.

As for the cars well what can we say – they’re proper. We could reel off all the drift lingo to reveal the mods that these Nissan cars have talking about Decat Japspeed ‘Shot Gun’ exhausts Greddy Boost Controllers and Z32 Airflow meters but really all you need to know is that these cars are genuine drift cars that are regularly raced. And they go fast. Very fast. Especially when in the right hands!

After your first hot lap your brain will have got used to the outright speed and your stomach starts to settle. Then it’s time to enjoy the racing and cheer on your very own Championship chauffeur driver as you hot-lap it around the special drift circuit. 

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