Drive a Huracan

Dice with the God of wind storm and fire on a Huracan test drive! Lamborghini certainly chose the perfect name (Huracan is indeed a deity) for this impressive supercar and this is your chance to see if you can tame that Italian flamboyancy with a touch of German precision included as you take the Huracan for a spin in Staffordshire.

It has to be said Lamborghini cars certainly appeal to a certain type of driver. If you want discrete high-powered motoring you won’t want a Huracan. However if you want something that shouts from the rooftops this car is for you. And the one that’ll be eating up the track miles in Staffordshire has got bold and brash pretty well covered as it’s that unmissable bright lime green colour with huge black alloys to boot.

As you’d expect the Huracan is brimming with confidence too. As the manufacturers themselves quipped when referring to the Huracan as replacement for the best-selling Gallardo: “No-one can beat an icon. That’s why we created another one.” And that they certainly did. A naturally-aspirated 5.2l V10 engine will reach the giddying top speed of 202mph and goes from standing start to 60mph in just 2.5 seconds. That’s quicker than the time it took you to actually read this sentence.

Slipping into the driver’s seat of this Staffordshire supercar Huracan it feels more like the flight deck of jet than a car. It’s all very theatrical and dramatic with a wraparound console the row of colour co-ordinated lime green buttons carbon inserts everywhere and that flat bottomed steering wheel. Take a closer look and you’ll see there’s a red button on it. This is the Anima button. We won’t tell you what it does but we’ll give you three words to remember: Strada Sport and Corso…

And while we’re at it here’s another Italian phrase for your Huracan test drive: Doppia Frizione. That’s ‘dual clutch’ as in the seven speed dual clutch transmission and gearbox and that’s what also makes this car so responsive so quick off the grid and so impressive. We think you’ll have an absolute blast in Staffordshire.

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