Drive a Lamborghini

Drive a Lamborghini and get a real taste of the motoring high life! The Gallardo from Italian manufacturer Lamborghini kick-started the marque back into the upper echelons of the car world with this quite simply stunning car.

First produced in 2003 the Gallardo was an instant hit and thousands have rolled off Lamborghini’s production line (despite the £130 000+ price tag) and this experience lets you actually drive one. A rare opportunity indeed and what’s more we’ve got different circuits around the country for you to pick from.

Before you’ve even driven out of the pit lane it’s quite an experience because getting into the driving seat of the Gallardo can be a challenge as it seems Lamborghini wanted this car to be as low-slung as possible. Once installed in the handcrafted leather driving seat you are sitting merely inches from the ground and with the Gallardo’s huge V10 engine not far over your shoulder just listening to the car ticking over is a aural thrill.

Still you can’t stay in there all day sniffing fine Italian leather and listening to the delicious engine idling it’s time to feel the incredible performance of this flagship Lamborghini vehicle for yourself as you take this Gallardo for a drive. As you pull away in first gear you know there’s an awful lot of torque waiting to be released. Handling brilliantly and making all the right noises it’s no wonder this car has won the Top Gear ‘Dream car of the year’ accolade not once but twice.

Drive the Lamborghini Gallardo and you’ll agree that this car puts the super in supercar. It’s the epitomy of cool even if it is outrageously showy and does a pitiful 13mpg. So why not give a car mad fan you love the chance to savour the typical Lamborghini sound of this Gallardo with four different driving options available for you to choose from.

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Drive a Lamborghini
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