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Electric Dirt Bike Experience | The Real Britain Company

Electric Dirt Bike Experience

No gears no clutch no kickstart – that’s the electric dirt bike! These clean-running and near silent electric motocross bikes are shockingly good fun. For anyone with motorcycle or mountain biking skills they’re pretty easy to ride yet they pack a punch that would give a traditional 125cc dirt bike a run for its money.

Even dirt biking dudes who dismissed these electric bikes have had to eat their words as these latest generation electric motorcycles look like and perform just as well as their standard petrol rivals but without the oil grease and ear-shrieking noise of a two stroke engine. All this means that you won’t annoy the neighbours cattle or hikers as you silently but swiftly pass by on your electric motocross bike whilst still looking cool.

This operator has a fleet of e-bikes including KTM Freeride Es. Your machine will be chosen to suit your height and experience. In all cases there is no clutch and no gears so these electric bikes are all relatively easy for those with basic biking skills to get to grips with.

These experiences take place at the UK’s first and only electric off road riding centre near Chester. Rather than a trek type scenario you will be learning to master the motocross off roading circuits that feature bumps berms and banks. But before you can bust moves to put Ricky Carmichael or Travis Pastrana to shame all riders will pass through the basic training session that ensures you’re in good control of your electric motorcycle.

As part of this motocross experience you’ll also get Super Charge training looking at things like body positioning handling corners and jumping too so you will be well on the way to being a proper electrified dirt biker by the end of the training session. And once completed you will get to ride on either the beginner or advance circuit for a 20 minute session that will put your new skills to the test and give you a full-on electric dirt biking workout.

What’s so brilliant about these electric dirt bikes is that they aren’t just electric bikes they are actually bonafide motocross bikes designed and built by the likes of leading motorbike manufacturer KTM – that happen to be powered by a Lithium battery pack under your seat!


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