Escort RS2000 and Impreza WRX Gravel Rally

Sign up for this London rally school and rally like you’ve been entered into the Acropolis or Monte Carlo rallies! This has to be the ultimate rally double combining the classic Mk II Ford Escort RS2000 with the superb Subaru Impreza WRX Sti. Both cars love kicking up the gravel on the rally stages yet both drive quite differently making this rally double header utterly thrilling.

The county’s capital might be London but the Mecca of rallying and motorsport in the UK has to be Oxfordshire. This is where many a race and rally team is based so you could say when you go rallying at this centre near Bicester it’s a bit of a motoring pilgrimage you’re going on. Time to worship the horsepower kids!

And it is serious horsepower. These are not just nice cars they are all proper rally spec models that have been raced (often by members of this London rally school instructing team). The Escort has been prepped to Group 4 standard whilst the Subaru meets all the requirements of a Group N car right down to the race harness roll cage fire extinguisher and bucket seats. Nice.

The Scoobie is an utter legend that needs no introduction. This is where flat four ‘boxer’ engines and all wheel drive technology took rallying to a whole new level. The RS2000 is the stuff of dreams. They might be getting on a bit now but everyone loves these front-engined rear-wheeled Mk IIs. It’s also worth noting that all the cars used on these rally doubles are unrestricted in terms of revs and gears so you really getting the full monty of RS2000 and Impreza rallying power underfoot.

As we said it’s double the rally craziness on this duo of experiences. The Monte Carlo and the Acropolis sessions give you the chance to drive both cars on the gravel track in Bicester. You also get a timed lap showdown to determine the best driver. If you opt for the Monte Carlo it’s a half day of rallying whilst the Acropolis boasts a full day packed with extended driving slots learning how to be a tip-top rallyer.

And remember with these London rally school experiences there’s no need to choose between your rear wheel drive classic and your all wheel drive legend – you’ll be driving both! Surely the perfect rally double header?

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