Junior Karting Nottingham

Kids karting in Nottingham – it’s going to be an absolute blast for little ones! The miniature karters will love these open-drive karting sessions just for kids. Your children might be small but they’ve no doubt got big ideas when it comes to hooning it around a track in a go-kart. This Nottinghamshire centre gives them all the space they need to have a ball.

As everyone knows karting is as close as it gets to the sensation of driving a Formula 1 car. That’s why so many big-name drivers started their motoring careers in karts. And they probably all first started racing before they could even reach the pedals of a normal car. These junior karting sessions at this Nottinghamshire outdoor centre aim to give kids and teens their first taste of go-karting proper.

Make no mistake whilst they might be smaller in size these karts are the real thing just downsized. The youngest riders between the ages of seven and 11 will be driving the 120cc Honda karts whilst the 11-14 year old category get 160cc karts. Even the smaller capacity karts can reach speeds of up to 40mph and believe us when you’re just inches from the floor it feels utterly exhilarating and even faster than that!

The karts used here in Nottingham are also fully adaptable for kids. You can adjust the bucket seat the steering wheel height and even the pedals on these formidable machines. So as long as your little karting devils are at least 140cm tall they should fit in nicely.

Experiences are divided into two 15-minute sessions. Organisers have found this works best for smaller and younger drivers as it is pretty physical driving these karts around endless corners. The steering is quite heavy especially if you’re not used to karting so a break and a bit of recovery time between sessions is never a bad thing. And it means they can come back and post a personal best track time once refreshed and ready to roll again!

A perfect outlet for letting youngsters burn off energy these kids karting sessions in Nottingham are a great way to celebrate with mates as children of all ages can get out on this outdoor track together and have fun in these proper Honda karts!

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Junior Karting Nottingham
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