Ex-Army DAF Truck Driving Milton Keynes

Stand to attention – this is army truck driving in Milton Keynes for two! You’ll be totally de-mob happy driving this genuine army truck around a very tricky off road course. It’s going to test your skills to the max but this truck takes everything in its stride. Will you?

This 1993 Leyland DAF truck is ex-MoD. Having served with the Ministry of Defence who knows what tales this truck could tell if it could talk. What we can tell you is that it’s four wheel drive it’s rugged and it weighs a hefty eight tons. Just getting up and into the cab is quite an adventure…

What you’ll immediately notice when you’re in the cab of this army truck is how high up you are. What you might not realise straight away is that unlike a car you’re sitting forward of the front wheels. That’s called forward control and when you’re tackling steep drops that makes you feel like you’re literally on the edge!

With plenty of room up front in the cab your instructor will be sitting in the middle seat. That leaves the driver’s seat and the other passenger seat for you two. These vouchers are for a 40-minute drive time so you can share the actual driving between you or just have one of you in the hot-seat. When you’re not driving you’ll be passenger.

So what sort of terrain will you be tackling with this army truck in Milton Keynes? Well it’s possibly the roughest toughest terrain you’ve ever seen. Don’t be surprised if the mud and water starts splashing up to the door handles – it’s that sort of track.

There’s plenty of room to thunder around in the truck as the Hounslow Estate just outside Bletchley covers over 800 acres with lakes woodland fields and tracks all around. What’s more there’s no previous experience needed. As long as you can drive a manual car and have a driving licence you can drive this ex-Ministry of Defence vehicle.

We love the flexibility of these vouchers and the fact that they are run on an exclusive basis for the two of you. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of military field operation when you go Army truck driving – yet you’re just 10-minutes from central Milton Keynes!

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