Exclusive 4×4 Driver Training

Find out what you’re capable of on these 4×4 training days! This off road training is exclusive and bespoke to you. That means one-to-one 4×4 tuition so you will be taught what you want to know about off roading. Whether you’re a 4×4 owner or not these courses offer an invaluable insight into four wheel drive motoring.

Highly informative – that’s what these 4×4 driver training sessions are. All tutors have attained a high level of expertise when it comes to driving in varied situations on varying terrain. They’ll give you excellent advice and loads of handy hints to get you 4x4ing with confidence so you come away with an accurate idea of what you can do at the wheel of a 4×4.

It may be that you want your personalised 4wd training to concentrate on driving in difficult conditions. Let’s face it tackling snow ice mud or water can be scary. These training courses can teach the techniques for avoiding slipping sliding or stalling and what to do if you do. Maybe you want to push yourself and the car to the limits to go as steep as you can – in which case you’ll be learning about going as slowly as possible and as fast as necessary to tackle the drops and the steeps.

Whatever conditions you’re driving in 4×4 training is all about careful pedal pressure progressive throttle work gentle steering technique and knowing when and how to brake. Then there’s spatial awareness. You need to know the vital statistics of your car such as height width ground clearance and wading depths. That way you’re aware of where and how to go.

All this and whole lot more will be covered in these 4 wheel drive training courses. We’re offering two-hour sessions and extended three-hour courses both of which include and start off with a 20 to 30-minute briefing. This is when you’ll map out what you’ll be doing on your session what you hope to achieve and learn some basics about vehicles that are 4×4.

After that it’s straight into the car and you’ll be off out onto the tracks and trails of this Sussex centre. And don’t forget this 4×4 training is all taught on a one-to-one basis so it’s just you and your instructor. No waiting around for your turn just good old wholesome 4x4ing around the Meadow Meander and the Jungle Run at this superb venue!

Find out more and book your place today!