Extreme Rage Buggy Passenger Ride

Standby for extreme Rage Buggy rides! Have you got the bottle to sit next to a pro driver and go for a blisteringly-fast passenger ride in a Rage Buggy? It’s going to be exhilarating to the max so hold on tight.

The Rage Motorsport Hurricane certainly lives up to its name. This buggy is a bit of a whirlwind out on the track. It’s small agile and fast. It’s been built to handle like a rally car and accelerate like a race car. There are no bells and whistles on this car it’s all kept to the absolute bare minimum because it’s all about speed not comfort!

The Rages love extreme conditions having participated in the gruelling 8000km Dakar race. No desert driving here but a challenging loose gravel and grass stage has been set up just for these rage buggy rides. This is totally their natural habitat. Wheels scrabble for grip as gravel chippings go flying then side-sliding over the grass churning up the turf as you go.

As you’re the passenger for these experiences you’ll be counting on your expert driver in the seat next to you to handle these madcap machines. They will push this buggy to the limit whilst remaining in total control at all times. The acceleration will have you pushed back into your bucket seat and the cornering will have your knuckles going white.

For these rides you will be out there for around five minutes which will probably equate to five laps. If teens are up for these raging rides they’re allowed to clamber into the buggy as long as they’re aged 11 or over and are at least 4ft 10” tall. /So whether you fancy giving gran the fright of her life know a teen who would love the acceleration or just want to let someone else drive and show you how it’s really done these Rage Buggy rides are bound to be a rip-roaring success!

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