Extreme Rally Challenge

Put your oversteer and understeer skills to the limit on an extreme rally challenge! This full day of rallying will see you getting to grips with the power and torque of one or two of the world’s finest Group N rally cars – the Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Lancer.

Having a driving licence to be able drive on the public roads is a very different set of skills to being able to rally. The challenges are much more extreme as the pace is just so fast and you’ll find you have to have reaction skills that function within a split second to be a world class rallyer.

And of course you’re not out there on your own. The other essential human part of the set up is the co-driver the one who has the pace notes for the stage. As you’re motoring along rattling the dampers and sending plumes of dust flying the co-driver is the one who has to keep calm keep looking down at their notes and communicate the route ahead for the driver. Not an easy job.

As you can see rallying is definitely a double act and on these extreme rallying days out you and your instructor will form a potentially WRC stage winning pair as you set about learning the craft of this most thrilling of motorsports at your choice of circuit including airfield circuits and full-on tree-lined stages.

When it comes to the cars you can’t much better than these babies. The category group N might have been replaced by NR4 in 2015 but the essence is still the same in that the cars are pretty much identical to mainstream production versions save few a few specific and limited mods that teams are allowed to carry out. So if you buy a Subaru WRX STi or an Evo at a dealers it won’t be that much different to the Group N ones you see on the circuits.

One thing is certain to win an extreme rally challenge you need to be consistent out there. As each rally is made up of several stages drivers need to be pretty nifty on a variety of surfaces as well as adaptable to quickly challenging conditions due to the weather (who hasn’t loved a Finnish rally stage in the snow or a wet Welsh forest leg on the telly?). This full day of driving and teaching will give you the chance to give it a go for yourself!

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