Extreme River Bugging North Wales

Go extreme when you go river bugging in Llangollen! This picturesque part of North Wales is famed for its rapids and this thrilling experience gives you the chance to ride those swirling Welsh waters in a river bug!

If you don’t know already river bugs are rigid inflatables for one person.They kind of look like the shape of a jetski (making them ideal for cutting through the water) they’ve got handle grips on the side and you use your hands to paddle and steer. You can lie down on your tummy on them sit up in them or even try kneeling if you dare. Whichever way you ride it’s going to be pretty extreme out there.

You’ll be in your bug on the waters of the River Dee near Llangollen. As this is the extreme version of river bugging you will need to know how to swim be confident in the water and be fairly fit as (depending on water levels) you could be tackling grade 4 rapids.

As we said this part of the River Dee is really popular for bugging. You’ve got some nice launch spots and plenty of natural obstacles to play. The most famous of which has to be Serpent’s Tail where the water can whip round creating daring stoppers and surf waves too. You’ll need a fair amount of bottle to tackle these along with the likes of Tombstones at the Mill and Middle and Bottom Hole.

You’ll be accompanied on your river bugging adventure by one of the centre’s watersports instructors. They know these waters well and will interpret what the river’s doing in all weathers. Fast flowing or at lower levels they’ll find the best spots for you to ride the water with the perfect mix of high thrills and safety.

Whilst no previous experience is needed for these river bugging adventures in Llangollen you will need to be up for it as it is pretty extreme. All the gear you need is included so just bring your enthusiasm and get bugged out on the River Dee!

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