F Type Jag Driving

Experience V8 supercharged driving on this Jaguar track day! The F Type is an amazing two seater that blissfully has no room for the kids or the dog so it’s all about the immersive driving sensations. And whilst it’s not a race car this is one seriously stylish way to get from A to B that never fails to get heads turning when you see one driving down the street.

Developed under project code X152 the engineers and designers at Jaguar had a hunch that the F Type was going to be the natural successor to the iconic E-Type and judging by the car’s reception from the public and motoring journalists alike it’s mission accomplished for this stunning looking car.

The all-aluminium chassis has kept the weight right down and the design boasts a low centre of gravity improving the handling of the car. There’s also an awful lot of clever gadgetry going in including adaptive dampers adjustable suspension settings and not one but 25 different modes to choose from so whether you’re taking the F-type on the track or crawling along in traffic all day long there’s a driving mode to help you get the best out this finely-tuned luxury sports car

With Jose ‘The Special One’ Mourinho being a Jaguar brand ambassador and recipient of the first coupe version of the F-Type in 2014 the inside of this car had better be pretty special too – and it is. There’s gorgeous hand-stitched leather aluminium buttons and touchscreen displays. But our absolute favourite thing about the F-type has to be the ‘Active Exhaust System’. Get the rev counter pushing 3000rpm and special valves come in to play making the F-Type sing one of the sweetest notes you’ve ever heard.

With sales for the F-Type going up and up could this possibly be the best car Jaguar has ever made? We’ll let you decide for yourself as you get to really test the car to its limits. No traffic lights no roadworks no jams or speed cameras for that matter this Jaguar track day is all about you the instructor and this superlative British-built motor.

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